Meet Derek Johnson

Hey guys, I’m Derek Johnson, a teen and high school portrait photographer in Charlotte, NC.

I wear many hats in my life – husband, father (to a tween, teen and baby boy!!), Youth minister (hanging out with teens) and more!

If you're a loving and active parent like me you see your beautiful family growing up way too quickly right before your eyes:

  • That first day you brought your first child
  • home.
  • Your teen driving the car by themselves for the first time.
  • Staring at your high graduate as they put on their cap and gown.
  • And so many other moments...

These moments are implanted in your mind, but sometimes you can't remember all the intricate details. One day all of our kids will be grown and it'll be tough to tell them the stories of their childhood - but beautiful photographs can be there to speak a beautiful tale of life, love and precious experiences.

I have a custom in my house to photograph my kids at each birthday and print a huge poster to hang on their bedroom doors. It’s great to see them grow and develop from year to year and it makes me smile every time I enter their rooms and see those big, beautiful images.

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