Meet Derek Johnson

Hey guys, I’m Derek Johnson, a teen and high school portrait photographer in Charlotte, NC.

Before I ever picked up a camera to create portraits I was mentoring and encouraging young people

I believed early on when I was even a young adult that feeling comfortable in your own skin was vitally important to a developing teenagers feelings of self-worth. Can you image that many teens feel this way:

"I'm super confident on the outside, but deep down there's a deep longing not only to matter but to be remembered." I've gone through this tremendous physical, mental and emotional surge and I'm almost a young adult! It sucks that this time in my life may just fly by with no way to remember it. I want a special experience where I can feel like the star to remind myself that I am enough! There has to be something more than just these overly filtered SnapChat pics that every other teen is creating. I want more!"

This is where I believe God has gifted me - to engage with young people, meet them where they are and create an experience to make them feel and look incredible...and most importantly deliver a finished product that they can enjoy for years to come.

Hear what this Class of 2019 Senior is saying about her portrait experience:

*When I first started working with Derek, I was a bit uncomfortable in front of a camera. I had modeled for a few friends before who enjoyed taking photos, but it was never as professional as shoots with Derek are. However, my stage fright melted away within the first ten minutes of working with Derek. He maintains an easygoing, friendly attitude while being professional at the same time. This helped in a huge way and now I'm totally comfortable in front of the camera. Derek allows me to shine in a way that I never knew I could! These moments are implanted in your mind, but sometimes you can't remember all the intricate details.

Alyssa Gibbs, Class of 2019

I would love to work with your family to help your teen express their unique personality in the most creative and inspiring way to themselves and others who view their portraits.

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