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Hey Class of 2015 seniors or anyone that knows one – Are you ready to finish your senior year with a bang? Check out this offer that is still good for the month of February!



DJP February Senior Portrait Promotion



So what should you do now? Contact me now and let’s book your session.

Well maybe you’re not interested or don’t have a senior at home right now. Share with family and friends who have seniors and be rewarded for your referral. Check out my amazing Referral Program HERE!


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Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Enjoy this day with your loved ones. We at Derek Johnson Photography wish you all the love this day and every day can bring you.


You couples: Love hard, love always, love right

You young people: love your parents, love your siblings, love your friends




The Johnson Family


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Posted on Feb 11, 2015
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Diamond and I had an amazing teen portrait session in Uptown Charlotte a few months ago. Diamond is one of the young people in my youth ministry at New Life Fellowship Center. She was a winner of one of my Instagram Photo Contests and we met up at an Uptown park for her session.

The weather was gloomy but it added to the drama of the lighting I was using and made for some great images.  It was threatening rain the entire time and we were losing daylight quickly, but we made our way around the park and got some amazing images. I loved Diamond’s outfit and she had plenty of blingy accessories compliments of her mother’s jewelry box!

Diamond quickly learned about what I’m known for during portrait sessions – going all out to demonstrate poses that I want my clients to do. My philosophy is, “Don’t say it, show it!”. Diamond is already and lively giggly young lady, but seeing me with hands on hips or over my head sent her over the edge. She couldn’t stop laughing at me. We really had to take a minute in between images so she could compose herself. Always a fun time at my portrait session and the beautiful images show it.



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This is the second session I’ve done with the lovely and talent Quaneshia, AKA Two Key. We first met during a creative photo shoot at the New Attitude Performing Arts Center dance studio. My two girls attend the dance studio and we’re developing wonderful partnership together. Quaneshia was amazing during our creative shoot so I invited her to participate in teen portrait session on location.


We met up at the beautiful campus of Winthrop University on a sunny Sunday afternoon and had a ball. Since Quaneshia is a dancer and I had already seen her talent during our first shoot, I knew I could count on her to bring some killer poses and dynamic dance moves for the session.


Check out her images from that session. I’d love to creative some equally amazing images with your teen or high school senior. Click on the link at the bottom of this post to contact me so we can talk about your portrait needs.


Derek Johnson

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  So our little guy is 2 years old today! We’re so grateful for how God has brought DJ from a 12 week early preemie to a very busy and healthy toddler. it’s been an amazing journey that started on January 29, 2013. You can read his story and learn more about his first days and weeks here. So now Dj is clearly growing and developing and making progress by leaps and bounds. With the assistance of speech and physical therapy he is quickly figuring his body out and making it do some amazing things – things that we would prefer it not to do. This 2 year old photo adventure captures how very busy and excited to move DJ is now. We started outside in the back yard but the brisk air and afternoon shade had DJ chattering and very distracted. We captured a few images in the back yard and front yard and then finished out in the living room. DJ took to this little rocking chair that I purchased years ago as a prop for kid portraits. He couldn’t sit still on the chair at all but he did stay in one place for me to capture some great images. His mother keeps him impeccably dressed – so much so that I find myself jealous of many of his outfits and struggling to dress up to his standards. That’s how I prefer it though, having a little GQ man by my side.   Check out his images below and leave him some birthday love in the comments section!