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I’m sure you have uttered the words “we don’t need a professional photographer” at least once in your life.  We get it, choosing a professional photographer, coordinating outfits, getting everyone “on board” seems overwhelming and unnecessary,

but stop thinking like that RIGHT NOW!

Hiring a professional photographer will not only get you fantastic pictures to treasure, but a real professional can help you with all aspects of planning for the session so you don’t have to stress or figure it all out. For example, ideas with posing, tips for coordinating outfits, a variety of locations and so much more. We know what looks good in front of the camera and we know how to edit behind the scenes, as well as offering portrait packages that will make your heart skip a beat every time you walk by it in your home.

Wehrmeyer Family Portraits Wall Grouping

Yes, mobile phones are getting better every day.

Selfie sticks proliferate society and make group photos easier than ever. The beauty of mobile images is their spontaneity, but careful planning of an professional portrait session that you’ll all be talking about for years is worth a little planning and investment in time.

A beautiful wall portrait of your family that you can enjoy from anywhere in your family room is a valuable and timeless piece of home decor.

Wehrmeyer Family Portraits in Fort Mill SC

It’s time to stop thinking professional photography isn’t for you, and schedule your session today. You won’t regret it!

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  So our little guy is 2 years old today! We’re so grateful for how God has brought DJ from a 12 week early preemie to a very busy and healthy toddler. it’s been an amazing journey that started on January 29, 2013. You can read his story and learn more about his first days and weeks here. So now Dj is clearly growing and developing and making progress by leaps and bounds. With the assistance of speech and physical therapy he is quickly figuring his body out and making it do some amazing things – things that we would prefer it not to do. This 2 year old photo adventure captures how very busy and excited to move DJ is now. We started outside in the back yard but the brisk air and afternoon shade had DJ chattering and very distracted. We captured a few images in the back yard and front yard and then finished out in the living room. DJ took to this little rocking chair that I purchased years ago as a prop for kid portraits. He couldn’t sit still on the chair at all but he did stay in one place for me to capture some great images. His mother keeps him impeccably dressed – so much so that I find myself jealous of many of his outfits and struggling to dress up to his standards. That’s how I prefer it though, having a little GQ man by my side.   Check out his images below and leave him some birthday love in the comments section!

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Hey Everyone! Another amazing family portrait session with my favorite family!

Oh how I just love this family I’m blogging about today. I’m blessed enough to say I’ve been photographing the Austin family – starting with Jacarada and her sisters for over eight years now! It so great to see how we’ve practically grown up together! Whenever I get together with the Austin family, I know the images will be simple and clean and I know they will be dressed to IMPRESS. 

Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC

Family portrait session from years ago when the kids where much smaller and a couple of family members hadn’t made their appearance yet!


The kids have grown up so much since this image as you’ll see in the images below, but they are still a joy to work with every time.


And, it goes without saying, JB and Robin are lifelong family friends, not only as loyal clients but brother and sister in Christ. The family has grown with the addition of young Dorion Jace. I had to pleasure of photographing his mommy’s belly before he got here and now it was time for us to come together again and have some fun. I


When JB called me to take their photos again, I knew it would be like a family gathering – my family and her family interacting and having fun making beautiful images.



Okay, enough reliving the moment. Check out the amazing Austin family!

Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC Austin Family Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC

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I had so much fun during my latest family portrait session with the Addison family. Dad Samuel Addison found me online and it turns out that we lived right down the street from each other. We had the session in their living room and back yard and had a great time. The star of the session was their 7 month old son Axl. He is such a chunky little cutie. He loved the camera and had a great time in his living and outside in the back yard.

The five portrait wall grouping shown in the Feature Image is a great way to enjoy these beautiful images of this family. Beautiful wall portraits become timeless family heirlooms that you can enjoy every day as you walk through your home.

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With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I wanted to post the results of an old project. About three years ago I did a collaboration project with one of my clients Arica Dawkins to create a Public Service Announcement photo slideshow on domestic violence. Arica came to me with the vision and with some amazing makeup work from MUA Akira Banks and dramatic lighting, we created a sobering reminder of a national problem that afflicts many. The message in the video is clear – Don’t remain silent any long about domestic violence. While the theme was serious the shoot itself was very interesting with me playing model and photographer at times.  From the cameo appearances to the voice overs in the audio, we utilized everything at our disposal to bring this idea to life.

Check out the final product and remember to SPEAK OUT against domestic violence!

Derek Johnson

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One of the best ways you can improve your candid photography is to learn the concepts of Finding The Light.   Most beginners don’t know this, but the best time of day to shoot pictures is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  The sun is softer and illuminates your subject straight on, which helps avoid dark under-eye circles.  Shooting in the middle of the day casts deep shadows under the eyes and nose and the available light is much harsher.  Shooting in the shade is another way to escape harsh light and shadows because it creates an envelope of totally even lighting. Keep reading to learn more tips. read more

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Most if not all of you have young children so I’m sure you either can remember fondly or are still dealing with the daily adventure that is putting the baby to sleep. Young DJ has progressed and grown by leaps and bounds since his early days as a preemie baby. You can read his amazing story about his birth and first year HERE.  Now he is 14 months and full of energy. He moves everywhere, touches and pulls everything and eats like his daddy. Our latest challenge is his sleep routine. read more

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THE LIFESTYLE – Refuse To Give Up On Yourself
I’ve always been a relatively healthy eater and exercise has always been a part of my routine. More often than not life events and daily challenges seem to tug at my time making it hard to maintain that healthy lifestyle. read more

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I had the opportunity to capture images at a community event organized by Shelby Talton of SWAAT – Seeders With An Anointed Testimony. SWAAT is a local helps ministry that seeds into people in need and provides basic necessities for the less fortunate. read more

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Happy New Year and I pray that your year has started off great.  I’m so excited to share with you our new Referral Program for 2014. We appreciate you. read more