Posted on Nov 06, 2016
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Have you seen it? Canvas wall art design! Many people have been choosing the option of canvas wall designs to decorate their homes. Canvas is a great way to showcase your recent photography session because they have a warm and casual feel to them.  They are also lightweight and easy to hang compared to framed images.

Jasmine Soler Family Canvas Wall Art Grouping


Many people love the choice of a great wall design to use as “art” in their homes.  They feel that having images of their own family is a better option to some other art pieces because the images are reminders of the importance of family, the connection you share and they give the kids confidence in who they are and whom they belong to.

Dotson Family Wall Portrait


We would love to help coordinate and place the best images from your session, print them on varying canvas sizes and design a layout perfect to make your walls “pop” with greatness. Schedule your session today and let us help you design with canvas.

Posted on Sep 03, 2015
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Have you Viewed Your Custom Photo App Lately? If not then you really should give it a look. For those of you who may not know what I’m talking about read on learn more.

I absolutely love this product! In this digital age we live in we all work and live by our mobile devices. Most of us count our mobile phones as one of the critical items that we never leave home without. Naturally we all want to share photos, videos and other memories with our family and friends directly from our phones at a moments notice. Your custom photo app can do just that.

Here’s a quick tour of the features of your photo app:

You should see a custom app icon on the home screen of your phone.





Homepage Icon on your custom photo app

Homepage Icon on your custom photo app

Click on the icon and be taken into the photo slideshow where you can view your images!

Slideshow Image on your custom photo app

Slideshow Image on your custom photo app


At the very end of your slideshow you’ll find a couple of links that will take you to my website to view more portrait images as well as my amazing REFERRAL PROGRAM. You’ve got to check it out!



Extra Links at the end of your custom photo app

Extra Links at the end of your custom photo app


So there you have it. Take a look at your custom app if you haven’t checked it out lately. If the images are really outdated and we haven’t worked together in a while, I’d love to see you again and capture some new images of you or your family.

CONTACT me and let’s schedule a portrait session soon!

Posted on Aug 26, 2015
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I’m so excited about canvas gallery wraps!  I’ve been offering them for a while and I alway enjoy receiving them in, prepping them for delivering and then watching my client’s eyes light up from joy and surprised at their beautiful portraits.

“So why canvas gallery wraps and WHY SO BIG??” Past experiences with retail portrait studios have conditioned most of use to consider an 8×10 portrait a sizable print – nice photo paper, glossy finish and ready to slip into a simple frame to place on a coffee table. 8×10 portraits are staple product and excellent for viewing an image held in your hand. Most of us enjoy the decor in our house from a distance of 10-20 feet as we move around the living spaces. Fireplace mantles, stairway walls and those large spaces above our couches are typical areas where we add decorative elements that make us smile, that make our house guest stop and admire. These are the areas where we can display beautiful imagery of our families.

“OK, that makes sense but why more than one canvas in one place?” The beauty of a wall grouping is that it shows the various family combinations and the love between different people within the family. A family can relive a humorous moment during the portrait session in a multiple canvas grouping look fondly at the entire family, kids and the parents with the kids in once heartfelt glance.

So enough talking about canvas wrap, here are a few of my favorite canvas gallery wrap wall groupings. Maybe these examples with start to highlight areas in your own home that would make a great display area for a wall grouping of your own.

Quads: The Big T – Arranged and named after the famous University of Tennessee Big T band formation. Besides representing my alma mater, this is a beautiful wall grouping that allows for your favorite portrait and landscape portraits to be displayed on a large wall in a living area or hallway.

Austin Family Canvas Gallery Wrap Wall Grouping  - Quads: The Big T

Austin Family Canvas Gallery Wrap Wall Grouping – Quads: The Big T

The Mantle Mate – This grouping is perfect over a large fireplace mantle. This large quad grouping mixes square portraits and landscape portrait for a symmetrical finish. The great thing about groupings is the variety that can be had from squares, portrait and landscape images. This could totally be configured in another unique and striking way. That’s why I love hanging canvas wall grouping with Command strips.  Super quick and super clean and totally rearrangeable!

Soler Family Canvas Gallery Wrap Wall Grouping - 2 Square Portraits and 2 Landscape Portraits

Soler Family Canvas Gallery Wrap Wall Grouping – 2 Square Portraits and 2 Landscape Portraits


The Triplets – This is one of my favorites! A spacious center portrait flanked by two tall vertical images really fills in a large open wall in a family area. You’ll be able to enjoy your family every day you walk through and spend time in the family room with this big, beautiful arrangement.

Addison Family Canvas Gallery Wrap Wall Grouping - Triplets arrangement over a big couch in the living area

Addison Family Canvas Gallery Wrap Wall Grouping – Triplets arrangement over a big couch in the living area

Hopefully you’ve been motivated to adorn your own walls with some beautiful artwork of your family. Give me a CALL so we can talk more about and schedule a portrait session.


See you soon!



Posted on Jul 24, 2014
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Have You Enjoyed Your Wall Portrait Today?

It’s summertime and this is a great time to be with family and to have that long-delayed family portrait you’ve been talking about for years.  Maybe you have a Class of 2015 senior and you’ve noticed that many seniors are having their senior portraits created RIGHT NOW. Whatever the reason, you may be shopping around for a portrait photographer. Besides deciding who you will trust with your loved ones’ memories, you’re also probably thinking about how you’ll enjoy your portraits once they’re complete. In this social media driven and digital age we live in you may be thinking, “I’ll just hire one of these photographers who will burn all my images on a disk.”  It seems easy enough. You and your family meet this person, take some photos and you get a DVD or USB drive in the mail a few weeks later.


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Posted on Feb 27, 2014
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We’ve been in our house for over a year now and I have yet to poke a hole in a single wall.  It was months after we were settled in before we started hanging décor onto the walls.I don’t know what it was. I just didn’t (and still don’t) want to mar or damage the fresh new walls all over our house. If you’ve find yourself like me and no in favor of stabbing holes in your walls, or if you change like to change your wall décor frequently, this little tip is for you.

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Posted on Aug 31, 2013
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I’m starting a new series of Product Previews to give you a detailed look at some of my amazing portrait products. In this episode we’ll be taking a look at the Standout Wall Portraits. The Standout Wall Portrait is a beautiful, 3 dimensional finish for your photographic prints. read more