Posted on Jul 24, 2014
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Have You Enjoyed Your Wall Portrait Today?

It’s summertime and this is a great time to be with family and to have that long-delayed family portrait you’ve been talking about for years.  Maybe you have a Class of 2015 senior and you’ve noticed that many seniors are having their senior portraits created RIGHT NOW. Whatever the reason, you may be shopping around for a portrait photographer. Besides deciding who you will trust with your loved ones’ memories, you’re also probably thinking about how you’ll enjoy your portraits once they’re complete. In this social media driven and digital age we live in you may be thinking, “I’ll just hire one of these photographers who will burn all my images on a disk.”  It seems easy enough. You and your family meet this person, take some photos and you get a DVD or USB drive in the mail a few weeks later.


Believe or not an adequately sized Wall Portrait still reigns as the preferred way of enjoying a beautiful portrait of your family. Let me share five reasons why that beautiful gallery sized Wall Portrait is preferred over the simple digital files.

1. An 8×10 portrait on a wall can’t be viewed from anywhere in the room – The classic 8×10 portrait seems to be the standard size for most of us when we think of displaying a print of our family. We framed and either prop it up on an end table or group a few on a living room wall. The 8×10 is a perfect size portrait for viewing headshots – a portrait that is typical held in somone’s hand and viewed at 12-18 inches from the face. It is not however adequate for enjoying the multiple faces of your loved ones from across the room. A typical viewing distance of an adequately sized wall portait – one hanging over a mantle for example – is 8-10 feet. In order to see all of the faces clearly, the face height should be 4-6 inches. As you can see you quickly run out of real estate on an 8-10 portrait.

8x10 Wall Portrait grossly undersized over a living room sofa Adequately sized 30x40 Wall Portrait proudly displaying the family for the entire room to enjoy

In the image above you see how even a framed 8×10 portrait gets lost on the wall while a larger portrait adds an element of design over the furniture AND allows for easy viewing of faces and features.


Family Portrait Canvas Wrap Mounted Above the Living Room Mantle

This portrait is displayed over our living room mantle so everyone who visits our home can enjoy this fun time when the photographer (me) actually put down his camera and enjoyed being photographed. This is a wonderful memory in our lives and all who visit comment on how beautiful it is. My baby boy DJ laughs and giggles every time we stop in front of it for closer inspection –  as if he’s reliving the memory of the session all over again. Yes, we have hundreds of beautiful family portraits that live on hard drives, but this is the first one we had made into a beautiful piece of wall art and it is the one we cherish the most.

2. A Wall Portrait will outlive your DVD/USB drive – 25 years from now DVD’s and USB sticks could be all but obsolete. Even our beloved iPhones and iPads will be replaced by better or completely different technology. And there’s no guarantee the storage devices of today will be compatible indefinitely. Do you want to trust the memories of your family or your high school senior’s last year to the rocket ship that is technological advance. A printed portrait product is by far your most secure method of archiving those precious memories. And no, I’m not suggesting you print every photo you have – just the ones you have professionally made as they hopefully will hold precious memories of a fun and energetic time in your family’s life and will show your family’s personality and love for each other. So maybe 25 years from now is a stretch and a bit hard to image. I’m sure we can all agree that technology will be quite different even  five years from now. Digital files are still relevant and wonderful to have, but they cannot compare to beautiful wall portraits that can be enjoy every day.

3. When people enter your home they admire your decor, not your computer or phone screen – When we’re away from home it’s always nice to have photos of our family to show off to friends. I never was that guy with the thick wallet full or receipts, cash and photos of his children. I’m SOO glad for smartphones and thin wallets!  It’s super easy to swipe through image after image of family members.  When people come to your home however, they’re scanning and evaluating the decor and “look” of your home. Beautiful wall art of your family can become a part of your impressive decorative scheme and draw the admiration and compliments of your family and friends. Home is where we spend most of our time. Home is where we invest the most to make it look the best. Home is what we’re most proud of. Our smartphones and all of their contents are great, but we switch them out every 18 months ago. Our homes and the items we display within are precious and long lasting and make us proud when other admire them.

My client Robin Tignor didn’t immediately mount the “Dancer” wall portrait of her beautiful and talented daughter Bailey. She waited until she had painted the room and acquired other elements to put together into the final display she had envisioned for that room. See, a beautiful portrait of her daughter deserved a special place in a prominent room in her home where visitors could enjoy and admire the talent of her only child.

Bailey's Dance Portrait Mounted on the wall in their dining room

4. The design, creation and delivery of a high end wall portrait shows a level of service and care that you expect from a professional photographer – Trust me, from a photographer’s perspective, it’s much easier to burn a DVD or drag and drop files onto a USB drive. But any guy with a camera and a computer can do that for you. And he may not care to ever see you again. Or he may not care to take the time to make sure you and your family are comfortable and having fun during your session. He may very well only care about shooting and burning as many sessions as he can. Now if that’s his business model and he’s happy with it and that’s the kind of experience you want, then go for it. But my guess is you want something more for your family. You want your high school senior to have an amazing experience and have a beautiful portrait product to cherish for years. It’s my responsibility as a professional photographer to give you that experience and take the time to create a masterpiece that you can hang proudly in your home. It’s my duty for calling myself a professional in this industry and it’s my pleasure because I feel pride and joy every time I look at our mounted wall portraits around our home.

5. There is a genuine excitement in receiving a wall portrait product  – Let me tell you. I absolutely enjoy preparing wall portraits for delivery and my clients absolutely love receiving them.  My preferred method of packaging is simple but elegant and I get to stretch my “craft muscles”. And it just feels good to see my clients light up at the packaging and then to light up again once they unwrap their wall portraits. There’s just so much more to interact with than a small box that would hold a DVD or USB drive. Again, I do offer digital images on USB or DVD and they are a great add on product to a wall portrait package. Trust me there’s just nothing more enjoyable than receiving and opening a beautiful wall portrait and seeing it hung in your home for all to admire.

So I hope you’re now thinking about wall portraits and considering scheduling your family or senior portrait session soon. I have an amazing portrait event coming up later on this summer and you’re going to want to be a part of it. Learn more about it and book your session right HERE.


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