Posted on May 12, 2016
Posted in Teens

I’m so excited to introduce my 2016 DJP “Me” Models!

So What In The World Is A “Me” Model?

I’m starting a brand new rep program specifically for teens and “before” teens in the age range of 10-16. My models are the face of my marketing and represent my studio throughout the year. We do some amazing creative photos shoots to create image that I will use in all areas of my business.

My Me Models are a part of an exclusive program and eligible to participate in special shoots and events that are not available elsewhere.

Their first model shoot is scheduled for Saturday, May 14 where they’ll be showcasing some of the latest teen fashions for the spring and summer. I can’t wait to share the images from that shoot in my upcoming Spring/Summer Lookbook.

So now introducing the 2016 DJP Me Models:

Kimora Johnson

Kimora Johnson Intro Image










Ishona Kinard

Ishona Kinard Intro Image









Cynthia Vu

Cynthia Vu Intro Image









Jaila Young

Jaila Young Intro Image









Kamille Johnson

Kamille Johnson Intro Image