Posted on Jun 18, 2015
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So the other week I started a 2-part series addressing some of the most commonly asked questions about having your senior portrait made. Summer is the PERFECT time to have your senior portraits made, so class of 2016 seniors check out this 2nd series of questions and answers about how to have a killer senior portrait experience.

If you missed Part 1, Click HERE to read it.


Can I include other people in my senior portrait session, like my boyfriend or sister?

Absolutely! We have different sessions that allow for more or less time. Choose a session package that allows enough time to include friends, pets or anyone else that is special to you.

Marie and Quinn Couples Senior Portrait Session in Charlotte, NC

What comes with your packages?

All Senior Portrait Session Packages include everything you need to create amazing images and have memories for years to come.  We include in all of our packages:  

  • Professional makeup and hair application (or shave/style for guys),
  • 3 digital images for social media sharing and a digital yearbook photo for publication.
  • A generous print credit to get you started in creating your own custom portrait package.
  • Some packages even include beautiful custom photo album or graduation invitations

Kendra Smith Album Cover Photo Shoot Class of 2015


If it rains, do you have a studio to shoot at?

I sure do! You’d be amazed at how I can convert my home space into a cutting edge portrait studio. I’ve had some outdoor session rained out and we improvised and took it indoors to create amazing studio images.  You may also want a variety of studio and on location images. We can absolutely accommodate your creative vision for your senior portraits.


I’m shy. Won’t it be awkward having my family stare at me while the shoot is going on?

My job is to help make you feel like a superstar, so I’m pretty good at helping my clients feel absolutely comfortable during your session.  Don’t worry, I normally put everyone to work – holding a reflector, fixing a stray hair – so they’ll all be too busy to stand around staring at you! LOL! And look at your family as your cheering section. They’ll be there to encourage you and cheer you on as you make some amazing images. If you’re really concerned about your family making you feel awkward, I’ll have a little pep talk with everyone before the session.

Kuria Carr Senior Portraits in Rock Hill, SC

How will I know how to pose?

Don’t worry about a thing! I spend a lot of time studying to learn the most creative and natural poses to make you feel and look great. Also, we’ll take time to meet and talk about you and your likes so I can start to learn a little bit about your personality and who you are as a person. That will help me select the poses that will make you look great. And I’m always open to my senior giving me a great pose that they thought about. It’s a partnership with a common goal – EPIC senior portraits!

Monet Mackey Model Shoot

What other location options do you suggest?


Charlotte and surrounding areas are full of amazing locations for portrait sessions. I spend a lot of time on the lookout for locations that will compliment different personalities and clothing options. We’ll talk about your personality, your attire and your total look and then decide on a location that will compliment and enhance your final look. I did a blog post some months ago highlighting some of my most favorite locations in the area. Check out that post HERE.

Senior Portrait Session



So now that you’ve got some of your questions answered, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NOW? Give me a call and let’s talk about senior portraits and schedule a time to meet in person.

You may not have a senior in the house but you may know someone who does. Forward this blog post to them and maybe they’ll become a happy client of mine. And guess what? You get rewarded for referring clients to me. Learn all about my DFP Referral Program HERE.

Until next week!