Posted on Jun 04, 2015
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Senior Portraits with DJP are designed to an unforgettable experience for each one of my clients. I’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions and provided detail answers. Here are a handful of questions and I’ll do a few more FAQ blog posts over the next few weeks.


This is my first time having professional photos taken. What should I expect?

You should expect a very custom experience that will make you feel like a rock star. I’m proud to say that I spend a lot of time with each of my senior portrait clients to give them not only amazing images and products, but an experience that you’ll be talking about all year long and beyond.

Octavia Sturdivant Senior portrait session

I don’t want the same photos as everyone else. Can you make mine original?

Absolutely! Unfortunately most seniors and their parents just settle for the school’s contract photographer. He or she is great at what they do but they’re not set up to deliver a custom and creative portrait experience for you. This is where your professional photographer rocks! We’re going to sit down before I ever take one photo and talk about YOU! I want to know what you do for fun, your favorite color, your style of dress and more. We’ll design a unique portrait session that allows you to be your best!

Dasia Toole senior portrait session in Uptown Charlotte

I really like the country, rural look, but I’m not sure where to go for the location. Can you help plan out the locations based on the type of look I want?

I sure can! When we talk and start to plan your portrait session I can’t wait to hear your personal vision for your portrait session. We’ll talk about your vision and discuss not only location but also your attire and how it all ties together to create the final look you want. Don’t worry at all about not knowing any good locations that fit your vision. As I’m driving around town I’m always on the lookout for cool locations that fit different styles and looks. There are some beautiful rural areas in the the cities for sessions!

Senior portrait session in rural location

When is the best time of year to schedule my session?

The summer of your rising senior year is the prime season for senior portraits! So Class of 2016 students, the time is NOW! The weather is amazing during this time of year and there are so many creative options for  your session. If you’re not able to have your senior portraits during the summer months, don’t worry! I’ve created portraits for my past seniors in the Spring of their senior year, but by far the summer months are best!
Mandy Wilkerson senior portrait session on Winthrop University campus

How do I go about securing my session?

Just give me a call and we can talk a bit so I can learn more about you and what you’re looking for in your senior portraits. I’ll want to talk to your mom next so she’s on board and excite about your senior portraits. We’ll meet face to face so we can get to know each other and we can start planning your session. If everything looks great and you and your mom and ready to book a session, we’ll take care of a little business and then you’re all set. We’ll start getting ready for your epic portrait session!

Aaliyah McCall Senior Portrait Session

I’m not really good about applying makeup but I want to look glam for my session. Can you help me out with that?

Yes! My Beauty Team is AMAZING!! These ladies help take your natural beauty to the next level with expert hair and makeup styling. My Beauty Team members have over 25 years of combined professional hair and beauty experience and they are my right hand ladies to help make your senior portraits amazing. The best part is their services are INCLUDED in all of my senior portrait sessions. No extra fees for beauty and makeup. You choose a package and be comforted in knowing that you’ll have one of my talented ladies on set working for you. And don’t worry fellas, we haven’t forgotten about you. Guys can enjoy the same “prep” service as well with a shave and style included with every senior portrait package.

Kourtney Owens Senior Portrait session in Charlotte, NC


Be on the look out for Part 2 of this series next week where I’ll be answering more Frequently Asked Questions about a senior portrait experience with Derek Johnson Photography. You may not have a senior in the house but you may know someone who does. Forward this blog post to them and maybe they’ll become a happy client of mine. And guess what? You get rewarded for referring clients to me. Learn all about my DFP Referral Program HERE.

Here’s Part 2 of the FAQ

Until next week!


Posted on Apr 09, 2015
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I had the pleasure of doing another dance photoshoot with the beautiful and talented staff of New Attitude Performing Arts Center in Rock Hill, SC. My two daughters have attended the dance school for two years and I’ve developed a great working relationship with the owner Erika Hogan and we’ve collaborated on some great creative photo shoots.

Erika and her staff were in need of some updated headshots for the website and of course I was happy to put together a creative shoot to capture the ladies in motion. Check out the NAPAC staff below and see some of the creative shots we captured during the shoot.

Owner: Erika Hogan

Rock Hill SC Dance Photo Shoot with Erika Hogan

[justified_image_grid preset=8 ids=2851,2852,2853,2854,2855 caption=off overlay=off]


Dana Generette

Rock Hill SC Dance Photo Shoot with Dana Generette


[justified_image_grid preset=8 ids=2858,2859,2860,2861,2862,2863 caption=off overlay=off]


Chay Raines

Rock Hill SC Dance Photo Shoot with Chay Raines


[justified_image_grid preset=8 ids=2867,2868,2869,2870,2871,2872 caption=off overlay=off]


Margarette Kochergo

Rock Hill SC Dance Photo Shoot with Margarette Kochergo


[justified_image_grid preset=8 ids=2875,2876,2877,2878,2879 caption=off overlay=off]


Kimberly Cook

Rock Hill SC Dance Photo Shoot with Kimberly Cook


[justified_image_grid preset=8 ids=2882,2884,2885,2886,2887,2888,2889 caption=off overlay=off]


These ladies are beyond talented and work great as a team, not only teaching children to become great dancers, but also taking amazing photos!

[justified_image_grid preset=8 ids=2891,2892,2893 caption=off overlay=off]


I’ve developed my own fantasy capture with dancers called, “What If Everyone Had the Force?” I’m a Star Wars fan for life and I love seeing the Force being used on the big screen.  During our last shoot we tried some creative captures of “Force Lifts” and they turned out great! Here are a couple from this shoot and I love these as well.

[justified_image_grid preset=8 ids=2896,2897 caption=off overlay=off]

Posted on Jul 17, 2014
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I had a great time doing a creative portrait session with one of my young mentees Antoine Vail. I’ve seen him grow up from a teenager to a mature young man and I’m thankful to have been in his life to encourage him, fuss him out at times and just love him as a fellow man of God. read more

Posted on Aug 31, 2013
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I had a terrific creative photo shoot with the lovely Susan Adams a week ago. I met Susan for the first time during a city event hosted by TV personality Dayvee Sutton. She was an amazing model during the event and I’m so glad I followed up with her and asked to work with her. We kicked around some ideas and came up with a Steampunk Fairy concept. read more