Posted on Mar 17, 2018
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I’m always excited and eager to do creative shoots to continuously refine my technical and artistic skills. I’m blessed to have access to some amazing young people who are always eager to be in front of my camera.

This time I wanted to do a nighttime shoot in the bustling Uptown Charlotte area.

Surprisingly or not, this was my first time doing a true nighttime shoot. Part of the signature look in portraits is my subject backlit by the fading sunlight, like in this image:

Ahjaia Tisdale Prom Portraits in Pineville NC park












The sun is my friend and my partner in creating amazing images. I wanted to push myself and challenge my normal shooting style by taking away the sun and relying on the nighttime lights of Uptown Charlotte to light my background.

To even further challenge my shooting skills I employed my set of LED light panels. Yes, I’m abandoned my comfortable and ever useful strobes for a continuous light source to light up the night during this shoot.

I rounded up a handful of past clients who always come through with fierce looks and style and we met in Uptown an hour or so after sunset. The night weather was perfect – being neither too warm or too cold – so we set out on foot to capture images up and down the main corridor of Uptown Charlotte: South Tryon Street.

My stylish young ladies slayed as always and created some fun and fantastic images. Working at night with my continuous LED lights was different but no less fun and allowed me to shoot faster with no lag between shots. The lighting rig was super light and portable and we just had a great time moving from place to place capturing amazing images.

Interested in doing a Creative Shoot with Derek Johnson Photography?

My current and recurring clients receive special privileges and are always invited to participate in creative shoots. If you’re interested in having you own custom portrait experience and possibly being invited to participate in future creative shots, Contact Me and let’s talk about a Portrait Session!


Uptown Charlotte Nighttime Shoot

Uptown Charlotte Nighttime Shoot with Teen Models