Posted on Nov 06, 2016
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I’m sure you have uttered the words “we don’t need a professional photographer” at least once in your life.  We get it, choosing a professional photographer, coordinating outfits, getting everyone “on board” seems overwhelming and unnecessary,

but stop thinking like that RIGHT NOW!

Hiring a professional photographer will not only get you fantastic pictures to treasure, but a real professional can help you with all aspects of planning for the session so you don’t have to stress or figure it all out. For example, ideas with posing, tips for coordinating outfits, a variety of locations and so much more. We know what looks good in front of the camera and we know how to edit behind the scenes, as well as offering portrait packages that will make your heart skip a beat every time you walk by it in your home.

Wehrmeyer Family Portraits Wall Grouping

Yes, mobile phones are getting better every day.

Selfie sticks proliferate society and make group photos easier than ever. The beauty of mobile images is their spontaneity, but careful planning of an professional portrait session that you’ll all be talking about for years is worth a little planning and investment in time.

A beautiful wall portrait of your family that you can enjoy from anywhere in your family room is a valuable and timeless piece of home decor.

Wehrmeyer Family Portraits in Fort Mill SC

It’s time to stop thinking professional photography isn’t for you, and schedule your session today. You won’t regret it!